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Game addiction is a growing problem among young people. As a graphic designer, I feel responsible to do something about it. From my own experience, I know that gaming is very entertaining, but it can also drag you out of reality. My goal with LEVEL DOWN is to create awareness about the causes and consequences of game addiction.

Young people from 12 to 15 year olds can hardly be influenced when it comes to game addiction. Therefore it is important to bring this topic early to the surface for discussion, what I do with an interactive animation aimed at 8- and 9- year olds. This animation contains a combination of both my painted illustrations as digital techniques, which refer to the connection between reality and fictional game world.

LEVEL DOWN was nominated for Manifestations Young Talents at Dutch Design Week 2017 and the BLINK Youngblood Award at Gogbot festival 2017.

Design, illustration and animation:
Robbin Veldman

Music en sound:
Erik Schenkel

Ruud Veldhuis

Koen van Bergen
Janine Ebens

Teachers, employees and classmates:
ArtEZ institute of the arts

Consultant Youth Township Hellendoorn:
Romina Pattiasina

Special thanks to:
Bloemendaal in Vorm
Studio Matusiak
Dimence Geestelijke gezondheidszorg
Tactus Verslavingszorg
Kindercentrum Aquamarijn

Chantal Mulder

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